Often, when a new client engages us, they’re frustrated with their technology and looking for professional guidance to help them decide how and where to invest in IT infrastructure.

Iron Grid Networks has designed a 10-point comprehensive program that…

Highlights and enhances your infrastructure’s strengths

Identifies and corrects any weaknesses

Secures your network and data against a variety of threats

When you partner with us, we perform a full assessment of your IT systems and deal with the high-risk issues first.

Then—as your needs and budget allow—we continue to work with you through ongoing managed services and consultations, to keep your systems current and help you plan for future technology needs.

10 Critical Elements to Reliable IT Infrastructure

The reliability of your IT infrastructure—from servers and network, down to individual workstations—is of utmost importance to stable operations.
Iron Grid Network’s Protection Program improves the efficiency and reliability of your infrastructure across the board, and provides you with ongoing support and advice to keep your systems up-to-date and running at peak performance.
All ten elements of our program have been tested across many real-world applications, with a solid track record of success in dealing with all sorts of threats.

Leveraging Technology

When it comes to predicting and planning for future IT needs, a Chief Information Officer is a valuable asset to any organization…but few SMBs can afford to hire a full-time, experienced executive.
Iron Grid Networks can serve as your on-call CIO to help you forecast technology needs and plan for those changes in the future, so that your IT works hand-in-hand with your business growth.
Legacy software and outdated applications can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. One of the simplest ways to improve your operations is to change your systems to accommodate newer and better software.
Iron Grid Networks regularly evaluates new business solutions, and we know what works (and what doesn’t work) for our clients. We can research and recommend software for your needs, and then implement any software you select.
Often, a business has unique needs or specialized operations that require a custom software solution, because no application that fits those needs exists on the market yet.
Iron Grid Networks can develop and integrate software solutions customized to your organization’s specific requirements.
The workforce is rapidly becoming a mobile one, and the need to remotely tap into a company’s IT resources is now a common requirement of modern business.
Iron Grid Networks can implement a solution that lets your employees securely access your data, software, and resources to keep them working from home or on-the-road.

Enhancing Reliability

Whether as a result of an accident, natural disaster, or other unforeseen event, a simple hardware failure can shut your operations down in an instant.
Iron Grid Networks keeps HP workstations, hard drives, and laptops in stock, along with standard networking equipment, to provide immediate replacement of failed equipment. In the event of a catastrophic loss, our server backup and disaster recovery solutions can restore your data in just a few hours.
These types of malicious attacks are the most common security threats faced by organizations because they rely on human failings rather than automated ones. All it takes is one careless employee to open a legitimate-looking email to give hackers access to your entire system.
Iron Grid Network’s email spam/phishing filters keep threats from ever hitting your inbox. We can even train your users on how to avoid the techniques used by the bad guys.
Viruses, spybots, worms, and trojan horses consume valuable computer resources, and create massive security and performance issues.
Iron Grid Network’s anti-virus solution is aggressive toward malware, and provides instant feedback in the event of an attempted attack. We track virus definition updates and eliminate the threat before it can spread.
This very real threat has been in the news a lot lately, and has caused some major organizations to actually pay hackers to release their systems. There’s no need to negotiate with criminals, however.
Iron Grid Network’s layered security solution includes automated detection, constant analysis, and (if necessary) a disaster recovery element that can be implemented within a few hours.
Sometimes, threats emerge a little closer to home, such as from competitors, malicious users, or disgruntled employees. A single person with access to your systems can do tremendous damage in terms of malware, data theft, or even physical sabotage.
Iron Grid Network’s remote monitoring enables you to keep tabs on user interactions with your IT systems, and help mitigate or prevent such destructive events.
Obsolete equipment and applications create performance and compatibility issues that grow larger (and more expensive to fix) the farther you fall behind…and it’s easy to fall behind with the speed at which technology advances.
Iron Grid Networks recommends hardware updates every 3–7 years, but software has a much faster development cycle with multiple updates each year. We stay on top of all business software updates (including Microsoft Office365, QuickBooks, Sage, and Thompson), and ensure that your systems are running with the latest versions for optimal reliability.

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