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Need to Work Remotely?

No worries. Our team has perfected the art of transitioning our clients to a work-from-home environment. Regardless of if you are in need of all new laptops for your team, switching your phones over to completely new locations, or setting up remote meeting solutions, your team at Iron Grid Networks has the skill, experience, and manpower to get you switched over quickly and efficiently.

Looking to Connect Remotely to Existing Systems?

If you already have laptops and mobile devices in place for your employees to utilize at home, one option available to your team would be utilizing software that allows them to access their existing computers back at the office.

Having a remote access solution available is not only helpful when your team needs to work from home, it can also make it easier to access files and software that you might need on business trips, vacation, or any other time you just need to grab a file from your work computer. We have personally installed, maintained and supported clients who utilize software such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn & Splashtop, just to name a few!

We make sure that the remote connectivity solutions that we set up for our clients are not only easy to use but secure from end to end to make sure your business stays just that: your business.

Video Conferencing & Online Meeting Solutions

Need to get the team together? Video conferencing can be a game changer when you or your employees are unable to meet in the board room together; however, finding a safe and secure method of conferencing can be a real pain. Especially with new vulerabilities popping being discovered every day with existing video conferencing solutions.

Thankfully we have personally vetted and reveiewed several video conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting, WebEx and Microsoft Teams to make sure that you and your team remain safe and secure during your online meetings. We will even train your staff on best practices to make sure that your meetings remain secure and in your control.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Setup

You may have heard a lot of buzz about VPNs and security in recent months, but what exactly does a VPN do for your business and security when working remotely?

Essentially, a VPN acts like a tunnel between your company’s devices (such as your employees laptops) and your company’s servers. This connection utilizes end to end encryption to keep your files obscured from anyone who might want to take a look at the data being transferred. VPNs also allow you to restrict access to certain data from certain employees if you choose to do so.

VPNs have become more popular in recent years because of the way that they obscure information from those who might be interested in looking into your internet traffic. Traditionally your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been able to see all information flowing in and out of your business or home network; however, with the end-to-end encryption offered via a VPN, not even your ISP can spy on your network traffic anymore!

For more information regarding how to set up your own VPN, schedule an appointment with our team today!

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Do you or your employees need to be able to remotely access your files and folders when you are away from the office? Let us show you how easy setting up a remote access solution can be!

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