cybersecurity audits and reliable it solutions for local government

Our team at Iron Grid Networks makes it easy for government organizations of any size to have access to a team of trusted technology professionals. We offer 24-hour monitoring and maintenance of your computer software and hardware as well as a host of services to keep you safe from ransomware.

Never Pay a Ransom

Over 95% of successful ransomware uses the same attack vector.  Do you have the email filters, URL LInk wrapping, and quarantined message reports needed to prevent the entry of these attacks?  Do you have a breach detection system to identify threat that have breach the network perimeter?   

We Support the Software that Supports Your Business


WinGap, Qpublic, ArcGIS for Tax Assessors

We are familiar with the software that is critical for county Tax Assessors.  We have experience with all the latest versions of WinGap and the server hardware needed for optimal performance.


CyberSecurity Basics

Small government organizations have become a target for ransomware in the last few years.  We are experts at explaining the risk to end users and local management.  Our solutions can also provide a professional standard of care, which goes a long way in reducing ransomware risk.


Eagle Advantage for Police Offices

Eagle Advantage is one of the many software packages needed by city police.  Allow us to provide the hardware and networking needed to interface with Eagle Advantage support staff.


City Fiber Networks

Iron Grid Networks has extensive experience in local fiber service.  We can run a feasibility study for your area by gathering customer demand, optimizing routes, and estimating project cost.  Afterward our team of experienced technicians can install and maintall networking equipment and customer gateways.

Serving the Technology Needs of Georgia & the SouthEast

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